The Environmental Justice Fellowship Program offers a unique opportunity for individuals who are passionate and curious about fostering a just and equitable energy transition. The program aims to deepen the Fellow’s understanding of the environmental, socio-economic, and political challenges faced by communities, emphasizing the pivotal role of carbon management in addressing issues of justice in the context of the climate crisis. The Fellowship begins with a three-month policy immersion and research phase, followed by one year of active engagement and advocacy through the Carbon Action Alliance.

About the Fellowship

The Fellowship is a 15-month experience focused on policy, awareness, and action.

This 15-month Fellowship is designed to focus on policy, awareness, and action. During the initial 3-month policy immersion program, the Fellow will familiarize themselves with the current projects of the Great Plains Institute Carbon Management program and their intersection with communities affected by environmental injustices and the impacts of energy transition. 

Upon completing the policy immersion and research phase, the Fellow will identify specific areas of work related to equitable energy transition and outline those ideas in an “Action Plan” to be implemented over the remaining 12 months of the program. Following the 12-month Active Advocacy phase, Fellows will act as mentors to subsequent Environmental Justice Fellows and remain engaged in the Carbon Action Alliance. 

Continued Engagement

Policymaking is an iterative process that takes a lot of time and effort.

From the moment a Fellow is accepted into the program, our team provides mentorship and a wealth of resources to ensure a positive learning experience. This includes access to research, an extensive professional network, opportunities to attend conferences, and funds for self-guided professional development. During the planning and implementation of the 12-month advocacy period, the Carbon Action Alliance, the broader Carbon Management Team, and the Great Plains Institute offer ongoing support to ensure a positive experience for the Fellow and the success of the advocacy project. Subsequently, the Fellow will continue to work in support of the broader goals of the Carbon Action Alliance.