CO₂NNECT Conversations build on the themes and topics from our annual event to continue moving forward on carbon management deployment.

On the heels of the success of last year’s CO2NNECT conference in New Mexico, GPI’s Carbon Action Alliance is excited to announce we’re launching a series of events titled CO2NNECT Conversations, in addition to our annual conference. These events will foster further dialogue on carbon management technologies, industrial decarbonization, project deployment, and community engagement.

Our next event centers around a topic critical to the success of carbon management projects: carbon storage.

Attendees can expect a day full of engaging conversations on the importance of collaboration among diverse stakeholders, insights on how to communicate effectively and authentically with communities on the topic of carbon dioxide (CO₂) storage, and candid discussions on how states and Tribal nations can lead the way to economywide decarbonization through investments in carbon storage.

CO₂NNECT on Carbon Storage aims to make information about CO₂ storage accessible to all by fostering a shared understanding among a diverse set of stakeholders, including states, Tribal nations, NGOs, industry leaders, and communities.

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Storage Captured Carbon
Co2nnect 2024 Conversations
When: April 10, 2024
Where: JW Marriott, Austin, Texas

CO2NNECT on Carbon Storage Agenda

The day will include sessions on:
  • The safety considerations of CO₂ storage
  • Preparing for success: CO₂ storage in Wyoming
  • Communicating effectively with communities about CO₂ storage
  • Government oversight of pore space
  • Achieving Class VI primacy
  • The central role of storage in CO₂ removal
  • and more


  • Will there be a CO2NNECT 2024? Yes! Our annual conference is still on. Stay tuned and check back in for more information regarding future CO2NNECT events.
  • Are there any recordings of past events? Yes, check out recordings from 2023 or previous years.
  • Is there funding available to participate for those facing financial barriers? Yes, we have limited scholarship funding available to reimburse travel or lodging costs. 
  • Other questions? Please reach out to Bridget Callaghan, the Carbon Action Alliance Manager at [email protected]

Have ideas for future conversations? Let us know!