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Carbon Action Alliance 2023 Year-in-Review

Carbon Action Alliance 2023 Year-in-Review

We are excited to share this Annual Report with highlights of our current work, recent events, and ways we are engaging new partners. In 2023, we brought together different perspectives to find shared solutions to decarbonization through carbon management deployment.

The Carbon Action Alliance launched in October 2022 to provide the Great Plains Institute’s (GPI) core carbon management projects with a broader platform to engage with stakeholders across the country. The Action Alliance provides a nimble mechanism to share information, make connections, and provide integrated implementation around funding provided through the federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Inflation Reduction Act.

This year, we have moved our work forward in each of the four defined pillars that guide our work:

  • EDUCATE: Meet people—whether in local communities, state or federal governments, tribal nations, nonprofits, labor organizations, businesses, or elsewhere—where they’re at with educational resources
  • ACT: Communicate carbon management and industrial decarbonization project deployment benefits and opportunities to decisionmakers
  • CONNECT: Help shape the narrative through engagement and storytelling
  • INVOLVE: Foster an equitable and informed approach to project deployment

As the Action Alliance enters its second year, our work to inform and engage the public about carbon management opportunities is as important as ever. Together, we can explore best practices, address challenges, and pave the way for successful deployment.

Bridget Callaghan, Carbon Action Alliance Manager