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CAA & USW: Collaboration is Key to Decarbonizing Industry and Meeting Climate Goals

CAA & USW: Collaboration is Key to Decarbonizing Industry and Meeting Climate Goals

Amid the urgency to address climate change, the Carbon Action Alliance (CAA) teamed up with the United Steelworkers (USW) to raise awareness of carbon management solutions and highlight the role of collaboration in transforming the United States’ essential industrial sectors. This collaboration amplifies the profound potential to reshape industries vital to the clean energy transition, culminating in a new partnership video.  

The appeal of carbon management technology (carbon capture, reuse, transport, storage, and removal) goes beyond reducing emissions—it’s about investing in clean manufacturing, paving the way for well-paying jobs, and embracing sustainable practices. 

USW’s vision of leadership and innovation 

A cornerstone of the American industrial landscape, USW represents workers across sectors including cement, steel, pulp and paper, manufacturing, and others who produce high-quality, low-emissions materials with a worldwide reach. Their commitment to innovation, sustainability, and emissions reduction underscores their role as pioneers in the clean energy transition.  

USW’s advocacy for carbon management technology is a testament to their dedication to a sustainable future. By investing in carbon management, they stand at the forefront of an important movement—one that seeks to reduce carbon emissions from industrial plants across the nation.  

This commitment not only supports the future of American manufacturing jobs but also safeguards the competitiveness of key industries that have shaped our history and built the structural foundation we depend upon for our day-to-day lives.  

Unifying forces for responsible carbon management deployment 

As we venture deeper into the transformative energy transition, CAA brings together stakeholders across industries, political parties, and state lines to advocate for responsible deployment of carbon management and industrial decarbonization technologies.  

At the heart of this collaboration, Alejandro Calderon, CAA’s labor engagement manager, facilitates stakeholder relationships and connects the intricate blend of carbon management with organized labor dynamics. In this video, see how USW and CAA’s collective commitment to a clean energy future comes together. 

Collaboration and a united commitment to a better future can help us advance progress toward a clean energy transition together. Organized labor is essential to achieving our climate goals. Connect with Alejandro at [email protected] for collaboration opportunities highlighting labor voices. Stay connected with CAA by signing up for our newsletter. Together, we can make a difference.