Why be a sponsor?

Visibility. By sponsoring CO2NNECT 2024, you gain access to a dedicated audience passionate about meeting clean energy goals through carbon management. Your sponsorship amplifies your recognition and signifies a profound dedication to confronting global challenges head-on.

Connection. Sponsorship provides a unique opportunity to forge connections with diverse stakeholders, ranging from industry leaders to policy makers, researchers, and environmental advocates. By engaging with this multifaceted audience, sponsors can cultivate meaningful relationships, exchange insights, and collaborate on innovative solutions to address climate change challenges, ultimately driving collective action toward a more sustainable future.

Community. CO2NNECT 2024 sponsorship ensures that attending the conference remains accessible for community members, journalists, and other pivotal stakeholders. This vital support strengthens CO2NNECT 2024’s impact and creates lasting connections with communities passionate about driving positive change.

Sponsorship Guide

Platinum $25,000 Gold $15,000 Silver $10,000 Bronze $5,000
Recognition in all event emails and on sponsor web page Large Logo Medium Logo Small Logo Small Logo
Access to attendee list X X X X
Logo on sponsor slides X X X X
Recognized as a sponsor on event app X X X X
Recognized as a sponsor during a keynote address X X X X
Space in the printed event guide Full-page Half-page Quarter-page Business Card
Social media posts highlighting support 3 2 1 1
Ability to have leave-behind materials at registration table X X
Table set up in registration area X X
Logo on all event web pages X
Opportunity to introduce session X
Logo on front cover of event program X
Logo on all event signage X

Should your organization wish to participate as a sponsor in 2024 and not find a suitable package aligning with your requirements and objectives, we are eager to collaborate with you in tailoring a sponsorship package that optimizes exposure within your budget. 

Our aim is to ensure your sponsorship experience is exceptionally valuable through personalized solutions. 

Sponsors and sponsor-provided content are subject to pre-approval by Carbon Action Alliance.